KTG Group was officially awarded Vietnam and Asia Record Certificate with the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright heart – High Mind” on October 05, 2019. While, the KTG team along with the “KTG Love Fund” have presented gifts to the disadvantaged families in Dung K’Noi commune, Lac Duong district.

On the 25th anniversary of the founding of the KTG Group, the Board of Management (BOM) organized the Team Building Program in Da Lat. The program took place from October 04-06, 2019, with many exciting and meaningful activities. As part of a series of events in Team Building, the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” has officially achieved Vietnam and Asia Record. The message of a happy, healthy and devoted life is one of the inspirations for the birth of the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright heart – High Mind”. Every day, KTG officers and employees must walk a minimum of 3000 steps, and share the feeling after reading a reading and performing meaningful actions as suggested by the Organization Committee of the journey. All actions will be posted in the corresponding comment section on the Fanpage of Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind”.

Over 100 days, the KTG officers and employees worked together and successfully completed the challenging journey. By October 05, 2019, all KTG officers and employees were honored to receive the Certificate of Vietnam and Asia Record. Indeed, the effort was paid off. This is one of the most wonderful gifts that the “big family” KTG received on the journey. All difficulty and challenge is not worth if the effort is recognized. Most importantly, on this journey, you are not alone; conversely, there is also a companion who reminds and cares about and encourages each other towards the common goal. The moment witnessing the certificate was handed over, is the moment of “breaking out” of teamwork.

Dr. Nguyen Van Vien – Director of the Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute, Vice President of Vietnam Record Association spoke at the Gala Dinner.

KTG Group officially received the Certificate of Vietnam and Asian Record for the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright heart – High Mind”.

The member companies of KTG received the certificate of participation in the Journey “Healthy body – Bright heart – High mind”.

Following the promise, KTG has taken the most meaningful action in the Journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” along with “KTG Love Fund”. On the morning of October 06, 2019, all KTG officers and employees were present in Dung K’Noi commune, Lac Duong district to support 8 households with housing difficulties, with a total budget of 240,000,000 VND. It is known that in 2019, in Lac Duong district, due to the impact of typhoon No. 3, the lives of people was severely damaged. The damage was estimated at nearly 100 billion VND, including housing damage to 46 houses with the value of damage of nearly 2 billion VND. The money is taken from the footsteps, feelings and meaningful actions of the “big family” KTG.

Some images of the charity participation:

The journey “Healthy Body – Bright Heart – High Mind” has ended. But the intangible and tangible values of the journey will last forever. That is creating a habit of health training; sharing lessons and experiences; awarding meaningful actions; material and spiritual contribution to society when traveling together with “KTG Love Fund”. The journey has ended, but the memories are beautiful, and the meaning is still complete; although there is a little regret, it will become one of the unforgettable memories of the KTG Group.



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