At Vietnam Expo 2023, an event renowned for its global reach, KTG Industrial Managed by BKIM (‘KTG Industrial’), a prominent player in the fields of industrial real estate, made a significant impact.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the expo from December 7 to 9, KTG Industrial’s booth emerged as a focal point, drawing attention not just for its innovative displays, but also for the sheer volume of interest it generated.

As a subsidiary of KTG and Boustead Projects, KTG Industrial highlighted its core operations, which include leasing ready-built and built-to-suit factories and warehouses. The booth was designed to be more than a static display. It was an interactive space that allowed visitors to engage with KTG Industrial’s offerings and gain insights into their potential benefits.

KTG Industrial: Showcasing Excellence at Vietnam Expo 2023
KTG Industrial: Showcasing Excellence at Vietnam Expo 2023

The distinguishing feature of KTG Industrial’s booth was the remarkable number of visitors it attracted. Throughout the expo, the company had the opportunity to interact with thousands of attendees, ranging from potential customers to industry experts and competitors. Each visitor offered their unique perspective, leading to insightful conversations and invaluable feedback. This focus on KTG Industrial underscores its significant presence and impact at Vietnam Expo 2023.

KTG Industrial: Showcasing Excellence at Vietnam Expo 2023

As KTG continues to innovate and grow, it looks forward to participating in many more such events and setting new benchmarks for success. With the vibrant development of industrial real estate, the firm is poised for significant growth as it plans to expand its offerings and reach a larger customer base.

KTG Industrial’s presence at the Vietnam Expo was a resounding success. It was an opportunity to showcase its capabilities, engage with a diverse audience, and reinforce its position in the industry. As it looks to the future, it is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for itself and the industrial real estate sector in Vietnam.



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