After the period on which the factory / warehouse project in Yen Phong Industrial Park (IP) phase A started to be completed, KTG Industrial continued to invest in expanding with the factory system phase B in this “golden” IP, KTG Industrial did not hide the “ambition” to contribute to the development of Bac Ninh province’s industrial property market in the future.

Commencement of construction of factory system phase B in Yen Phong Industrial Park

In the middle of the second quarter of 2019, KTG industrial has completed the construction of Yen Phong industrial park factory and warehouse system phase A. The system of works includes: 5 factories and warehouses, office areas, internal roads, security systems, wastewater treatment systems … All of items ensure safety and long-term stable production and business. Up to now, most of factories and warehouses have been handed over to investors who are foreign enterprises; systems of machinery and chains have been moved in, ready for production and business.

KTG industrial has completed the construction of Yen Phong Industrial Park factory and warehouse system phase A

Continuing to meet the economic development needs in Vietnam of FDI enterprises, KTG Industrial expanded the construction of its factory system in Yen Phong Industrial Park, phase B. To still ensure that the factory system shall be constructed in accordance with standards, KTG Industrial invested in infrastructure, full utilities and services to meet the needs of investors.

In addition, the factory system phase B is built based on the Mini factory design, dividing the unit from the smallest unit of 800 m2. This is the highlight of this project, meeting the diverse production needs of small and medium businesses at reasonable costs. Up to now, all construction works are under urgent progress, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. This promises that Bac Ninh industrial property market will be hotter and hotter.

KTG Industrial’s Construction of Factory System phase B in Yen Phong Industrial Park – Bac Ninh

Potential and outstanding development of Bac Ninh province

About 30km from Hanoi capital to the North, Bac Ninh is an important connection point between the Capital and Northern provinces, on the Vietnam-China economic corridor and within the growth triangle of Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh. Besides, Bac Ninh now has more than 14 provincial roads with the length of nearly 270 km, which is very convenient to connect to airports, border gates and seaports. In recent years, Bac Ninh province has always been in the list of provinces with rapid economic growth, its the economic structure has gradually changed to industrial and service structure.

Especially with the strength of demand which is huge and constantly increasing year by year, Bac Ninh industrial property market is in a “golden” time. With the concentration of many large industrial parks, Bac Ninh increasingly attracts domestic and foreign immigrants to live and settle here. Among them, Yen Phong Industrial Park is called as the “Northern FDI capital”, ranked second in the country in terms of investment capital.

Technical infrastructure of Industrial Park is completely constructed and synchronously invested with the internal traffic system, electricity, water supply and drainage systems, intersections connected to the national traffic system. In the IP, there have been a full range of utility services such as office services, warehouses, inland ports for import and export, banking, post office, insurance … satisfying the financial and telecommunication needs for businesses. In particular, inside IP fully satisfies accommodation and catering services for officers and workers.

Up to now, Yen Phong Industrial Park is the gathering area of many huge brands: The Samsung project has registered to lease 100 hectares and has used 50 hectares, reaching export value of 2,000 billion VND; ORION Food Company planned to reach 50 million USD in 2011, currently exceeding 15% of the plan, and the company is preparing to expand a new production line of Guote biscuit (this product is now still imported from Korea to Vietnam)…

With the strengths of Bac Ninh province and the outstanding advantages of Yen Phong Industrial Park, it will be a firm foundation for KTG Industrial to continue deploying phase B

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