On January 07, 2020, in Hanoi, at the event “Industrial Real Estate” with the theme “Supporting Industries – Emergence of hubs across Vietnam. Rise of 2nd tier city” held by CBRE Vietnam, KTG Industrial as sponsor – an industrial development sector of Khai Toan Group (KTG) officially announced to customers, partners and media the company’s 2020 orientation with the strategic product “Industry 4.0 factory”, which is an integrated plan between ready-built factory, warehouses and 4.0 technology with the desire to create a digital convergence between Industry, Business, internal functions and processes.

At the event, KTG Industrial officially introduced the 2020 strategic product “Industry 4.0 factory” to the market. With the vision of “Becoming the most prestigious developer of industrial real estate and service provider in Vietnam”, and the mission of “Providing international standard industrial real estate products and the most suspicious facilities”, KTG Industrial strived to create “Industry 4.0 factory”, it is the 2nd generation of factory which is smarter, more innovative and brings the optimal solution for the Customers’ development view in comparison with the current factory generation. At the same time, we also built 4.0 ecosystem for “4.0 Image – 4.0 Utilities – 4.0 Services – 4.0 Management” towards the goal of Optimal Management – Effective Operation – Environmental Protection.

“Industrial Real Estate” is an annual program of industrial real estate held by CBRE Vietnam – a unit of the world’s largest real estate investment and service company in the Market Outlook events. The event attracted the participation of leaders, investors at home and abroad, senior management of units operating in the field of industrial real estate and more than 40 prestigious media units. In 2020, the topic of the seminar is “Supporting Industries – Emergence of hubs across Vietnam. Rise of 2nd tier city”, providing information about the impact of the supporting industry on industrial real estate in Vietnam through the perspective and evaluation of leading experts. The seminar was attended by:

Mr. Dang Trong Duc, Deputy General Director of Khai Toan Group (KTG), Director of Industrial Development (KTG Industrial)

Mr. Raymond Lum, CEO of Boustead Project – Singapore’s leading industrial real estate solution provider – strategic partner KTG Industrial

Mr. Vo Tri Thanh, Deputy Director of Central Institute for Economic Management and Research.

Mr. Desmond Sim, Head of Market Research, representatives of CBRE Singapore and Southeast Asia

Mr. Le Trong Hieu, Director of Consulting and Transactions – Office Services of CBRE Vietnam

And Mr. Dang Thanh Son, – Partner of Baker & Mackenzie Law Firm

Through the seminar, representatives of KTG Industrial, Mr. Dang Trong Duc shared: “In addition to being aware of the right role and responsibility in the process of contributing to Vietnam’s economic development in the period of economic integration which is deeper and deeper, and catching up with occasions and opportunities of Industrial Revolution 4.0, every core of business, every change and development of KTG Industrial are “Customer-oriented” as our slogan “Your vision, our solution”.

Other photos of the event:

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