A green economy with green smoke-free industrial parks, using environmentally friendly green energy sources is a common development trend of all countries in the world.

What is green energy?

“Green” energy (or renewable energy) is the energy that when being produced, it has little negative impact on the environment. The types of green energy can be mentioned as: solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, geothermal energy … Each form of energy generation is more or less affecting the environment, but of which, renewables are the subject of the least impact.

Solar energy, wind energy is one of the types of green energy that is environmentally friendly

Using green energy in industry to protect the environment

According to statistics, energy consumption in industry currently accounts for 47% of total consumption. Meanwhile, the demand for energy is increasing, especially in the context of growing Vietnam manufacturing industry, Vietnam has become a manufacturing hot spot in Southeast Asia. According to forecasts, by 2025, Vietnam will only meet 30% of domestic and future energy demand. Increased demand puts pressure on the national grid, it must produce more or import energy.

In the past, traditional energy sources have been mainly exploited as hydropower and coal, but in the next few years, these energies will gradually be exhausted, and they cannot be guaranteed in the long term for Vietnam’s energy industry. These energy sources are cheap, but they come with the production process that will pollute the environment, increase greenhouse gas emissions, and significantly affect human health. The more production is needed to meet the demand, the more severely the environment will be affected. Facing this situation, the use of green energy seems to be an inevitable trend, especially the application in the field of manufacturing industry, because this is the field with the highest energy consumption.

At present, a green economy with low-smoke green industrial parks and using environmentally friendly green energy sources is a common development trend of all countries in the world, especially developed countries. Following the green energy development of developed countries around the world, Vietnam has begun to deploy bio-energy projects, typically solar energy projects. Vietnam currently has 82 solar power projects with a total capacity of 4,460MW, accounting for about 10% of the country’s total electricity output and 13 other projects being implemented with a total capacity of 630MW, which is expected to come into operation by the end of 2019. These projects promise to create clean energy with high efficiency, long-term use and limit negative impacts on the environment.

A part of Southeast Asia’s largest renewable energy project in Vietnam

Vietnam has tropical monsoon climate, a coastline of more than 3000 km, a year-round sea-breeze, and a large number of sunny hours in a day. This is a favorable condition for our country to exploit and use green and renewable energy sources in the process of economic development.

KTG Industrial deployed green energy on the entire factory system

Along with the goals of economic and industrial development but not ignoring the responsibility of protecting the environment, KTG Industrial has implemented the installation of rooftop solar power system on all the factories and warehouses that it invested in. Up to now, the rooftop solar projects invested by KTG Industrial are one of the biggest solar projects in Vietnam. These projects will contribute practically to reduce the supply pressure of the national electricity grid and protect the environment against increasingly serious pollution.

KTG Industrial completed the installation of the solar power system at the factory of An Phuoc Industrial Park – Dong Nai

KTG Industrial’s solar power projects are also the most realistic evidence proving that enterprise can totally contribute to the environmental protection revolution, by improving the energy-efficient production process, using green, clean and natural energy sources to minimize waste to the environment, towards long-term and sustainable development.

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