The solar power initiative of KTG Energy in industrial zones will save hundreds of thousands of dollars for businesses, as well as give them a chance to find a use for their unused roofs.

Amidst the numerous difficulties caused by the COVID-19 global health crisis, KTG Energy, a subsidiary of the conglomerate Khai Toan Group (KTG), has officially deployed new co-operation methods which could benefit a lot to partners looking to install solar panels on their factory roofs.

With the big unutilised roof spaces at factories on their hands, businesses – especially in industrial zones – can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by renting them out to KTG Energy or selling power to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

Besides, solar panels will significantly reduce the temperature of the roof and factory, as well as extend roof life. Using solar power will contribute to improving the reputation and position of the business by helping secure the prestigious LEED certification from the US Green Building Council, as well as make approaching green funds and bank credit far easier.

With the struggle for our natural environment flaring up, solar power is the most promising renewable energy source to partially replace non-renewables. It also plays an important role in helping to rein in global warming by replacing other generation methods that produce copious amounts of greenhouse gases.

Acknowledging the advantages of solar power, including high performance and low operating costs, as well as sustainability, KTG Energy (in collaboration with OnEnergy) offers five co-operation methods under which businesses can install solar panels on their roofs for free.

Under the roof-leasing method, KTG Energy will take care of all fees of installation and the procurement of panels, then sell power to EVN and pay lease charge for the owner’s roof. After a number of years, the solar power system will be handed over to the owner free of charge.

If the owner wants to utilise the power made by the solar panels on the roof, KTG Energy will deploy the system for free and provide power to the owner at a price better than that of EVN. The owner could sell surplus power to EVN and take over the solar panels after a number of years of use.

Another option is for KTG Energy to provide advisory and installation, while the roof owners prepare finance and operate the system by themselves or leave KTG Energy to do it for free.

Additionally, KTG Energy can supply materials and equipment for the solar power projects of the most famous brands over the world.

KTG Energy is one of the main subsidiaries of KTG Group, a leading business in electric accessories, industrial equipment, home appliances, and electronics in Vietnam. KTG Energy’s business includes free solar panel installation for factories, co-operation with roof owners to sell power to EVN.

OnEnergy is the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partner, as well as equipment supplier for solar power systems.

To discover co-operation opportunities with KTG Energy, please contact the hotline at (+84) 898 659 689 or email info@onenergy.com.vn.

Source: https://www.vir.com.vn/ktg-energy-launches-free-solar-power-panel-offers-for-businesses-75561.html

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