Reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy costs are the biggest benefits for the industrial environment and investors when installing solar power systems.

What is solar power?

Solar power is electricity generated from the conversion of sunlight into electricity by using solar panels (based on photovoltaic effects in physics) or from solar power plants (based on the principle of light reflection to operate a steam boiler to spin a turbine to generate electricity).

In industrial property today, investors using solar panels are common, due to the advantage of running in parallel with the national grid system; in the rainy or less sunny days, businesses are possible to use national electricity without affecting production and business efficiency. However, in Vietnam’s industrial property market, solar power is still quite new and has not been popularly used. With the great potential and high benefits of solar power, it is forecasted that the solar power system will be widely invested in industrial parks in the near future.

The rooftop solar system has many benefits for investors.

Use of solar power: Great potential, high benefits

Technological progress and efficiency of solar power system are the basic factors attracting businesses to widely invest and use solar power. In particular, reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy costs are the biggest benefits for the industrial environment and investors when installing solar power systems.

According to 2014 statistics, the average CO2 emission of solar power is 41g / kWh compared with coal electricity of 820g / kWh and petroleum of 490g / kWh. Thus, CO2 emissions have been reduced to 93 – 95%; in addition, solar power has a very little negative impact on the environment, it does not make noise and requires very little water for maintenance … it is also very clean and environmentally friendly.

Experts also added that the use of electricity from sunlight reduces bills and saves costs. Especially, with the high demand of production and business in industrial parks, the regular supply and transmission of electricity are very urgent, time frame of 11h-16h is the largest electricity consumption period during the day. Solar power systems will be the solution to this problem, as power production fits within this time frame and doesn’t worry about frequent power outages during peak hours.

In addition, the rooftop solar panels enhance the heat resistance efficiency for buildings and significantly reduce the amount of electricity lost during transmission on the transmission line. Moreover, in case of a power grid failure, the solar power system stops working and does not transmit to the power grid, causing danger to repairer, so it is very safe.

With the development history of solar power, up to now, the technology and efficiency of solar power system has increased significantly. In the future, solar power will undoubtedly be a key energy source for many industries, including industrial property.

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