The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a major trend taking place all over the world, with the strong development of science and technology whose core is digital technology, making rapid changes in many sectors while bringing many opportunities and challenges. To keep up with the occasions and opportunities of this technological revolution, KTG Industrial has launched “Industry 4.0 factory” attached to the ecosystem “4.0 Image - 4.0 Utilities - 4.0 Services 4.0 Management” bringing customers many outstanding benefits.


What does the industry 4.0 factory of KTG Industrial have?


The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is fundamentally changing the world’s manufacture and affecting countries in many ways. This is a manufacturing revolution associated with technological breakthroughs, related to Internet connectivity, virtual reality, cloud computing, 3D printing and sensor technology. It focuses on building a hyperlinked world based on digital technology and integrating all intelligent technologies to optimize processes, production methods and service provision, innovating cooperation and organizational form.

KTG Industrial launched the industry 4.0 factory


Integrating into the industrial revolution 4.0 with the thought of constantly innovating, optimizing the value received by customers, the “Industry 4.0 factory” of KTG Industrial is built in association with 4.0 ecosystem including “4.0 Image - 4.0 Utilities - 4.0 Services - 4.0 Management” aimed at the goal of Optimal Management - Effective Operation - Environmental Protection. This is the second generation of factory, with a smarter design and breakthrough improvements in comparison with the first existing factory on the market, offering a multi-utility option and an optimal solution for customer’s long-term development vision. KTG Industrial pioneered the digital convergence between Industry, Business, internal functions and processes in the field of industrial real estate through the application of VR (Virtual Reality) Technology, helping customers to access factory space in true 3D through interactive screens. 4.0 Ecosystem of KTG Industrial also includes a mobile application (Mobile App), making the process of customer care and support become fast and convenient.


What benefits does KTG Industrial bring to customers through the 4.0 ecosystem that we build?

4.0 Ecosystem of KTG Industrial brings many benefits to customers


1. System of factories and warehouses with completely new design.

After researching and understanding the needs of customers, KTG has developed a new design for the second generation of factory with complete infrastructure, space, utilities and smarter arrangement, it not only helps customers increase the value of use but also improve the aesthetics of the entire project. The smart design of this second generation promises to bring more breakthrough improvements than the current generation of factory in the market.


2. Virtual reality technology helps customer access factories and warehouses quickly and conveniently.

In 2020, KTG Industrial will apply the application of VR technology to the product supply process with the project “Mobile factory”. Specifically, the entire factory / warehouse system of KTG Industrial will be reactivated in 3D in a lively and realistic way, allowing customers to choose any space they desire to see, from the overview to details, with just clicks on phones, laptops or PCs. As such, customers can access factories / warehouses of KTG Industrial anywhere and anytime, conveniently and quickly without having to get there, thereby saving considerable time and charge.


3. Increase rent utilities.

The new design in this generation 2 also helps customers increase utilities such as: each factory / warehouse is equipped with separate Led and fence systems; Parking is designed directly in the premises of the factory / warehouse, all ensuring strict management process and high safety levels for all day and night for customers.


4. KTG Industrial offers customers a comprehensive support package.

By cooperation with KTG Industrial, customers will receive a comprehensive and free support package including: support for corporate legal procedures, accounting procedures, recruitment and initial personnel procedures. All barriers related to regulations and laws in Vietnam are no longer a hindrance due to the professional and dedicated support of KTG Industrial.


5. Customer care system through phone applications (App Mobile)

KTG Industrial has developed a customer care system through a mobile application (App mobile) in order to handle and answer customers’ problems as quickly as possible. As soon as customers’ requests and feedback are submitted to the application, KTG Industrial’s customer care team will quickly update the information and get feedback. Besides, customers can receive the latest information about KTG Industrial, about Vietnam market as well as the world through Newsletter list. The policies and preferential information will also be sent to customers as quickly as possible through this application.


6. KTG Industrial enhances responsibility of environmental protection, sustainable development orientation:

The system of factories / warehouses of KTG Industrial is designed to ensure the standards of green density as prescribed, give customers a green, cool and fresh working space. In addition, KTG Industrial has also deployed a rooftop solar system throughout its rental factory / warehouse system. With this system, customers can both save costs by taking advantage of available renewable energy sources, and integrate into global green industry trends, contribute to environmental protection and ensure a sustainable development.


In the coming time, to meet the increasingly vibrant industrial real estate market, KTG Industrial will expand its land fund and soon cover many key economic areas nationwide. Not only that, KTG Industrial will continue its efforts to provide customers with international standard industrial real estate products and the most professional services.


For investment cooperation with KTG Industrial:

Hotline: (+84 8) 896 896 899 hoặc Email: ktgindustrial@ktg.com.vn.

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