KTG Industrial deployed rooftop solar energy system for ready-built factory in An Phuoc Industrial Center


Apart from its Industry 4.0 features, KTG’s ready-built factory in An Phuoc Industrial Center is also one of the first typical pioneers for the generation of green factory that successfully deployed rooftop solar energy system satisfying international standard.

Green Growth Strategy of KTG Industrial – Solution to sustainable development

As longstanding environmental concerns intensify, many industrial companies and businesses nowadays are feeling increasing economic pressure to handle the environmental issues in their operations. Recognizing the need for action, pinoeers in the industry are implementing initiatives to reduce emissions, aim to environmental and economic sustainability.

Complying with the mission of environmental protection, KTG Industrial, proud to be the first representative for "The of Generation of Green Factory”. Following the Green Growth Strategy, KTG’s built-in factory projects always focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development by increasing the tree area, installing rooftop solar energy systems

Benefits of KTG’s solar energy panels for businesses

In correspondence with Green Growth Strategy, KTG Industrial applied solar energy system to a ready-built factory in Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Center in Dong Nai Province, together featuring its industry 4.0 strategy.

Using solar panels can bring significant benefits to tenants and businesses of KTG’s ready-built factory. There are some of major advantages of using solar power in factories:

Chance to earn from unused roofs of factories: Utilizing unsued roofs, businesses can earn more from the excess electricity generated from the solar energy system. Businesses can sell the surplus electricity back to the grid. Especially for businesses operating at a thin profit margin in those first critical years, initiative like this can truly make a big difference.

Extend roof life: Since solar panels help shade a roof and prevent the harsh rays from the sun from penetrating the shingles and damaging the roof, even when they don’t always cover all areas of the roof, solar panels are still a good solution to extend the factory’s roof life up to 5-7 years.

Reduce the temperature: KTG’s built-in factory that established solar roof can help reduce the risk of excessive heat. The solar panels shielding the roof helps to reduce the temperature of roof and factory by 5°C.

Make approaching green funds and bank credit far easier: Renewable energy solutions are on trend, and it is high time to join the movement to save the environment. By supporting and using solar power energy, businesses can create a positive brand image for their shareholders and furthermore, for green funds and banking if businesses are planning on a strategy of approaching them.

LEED certification: With prestigious LEED certification, businesses can improve the reputation and position themselves with the eco-friendly brand image. This is a pioneering international standard in evaluating energy-saving buildings and protecting human habitats, adhering to energy-saving standards and creating a green environment and improving the quality of the living environment, increasing the adaptability of the building to environmental change, and optimising the use of renewable energy.

It can be seen that the number of businesses going green has grown rapidly. With green advantages, the new generation of intelligent workshops of KTG Industrial are definitely helping tenants invest in a clean, green, and profitable future for their business.

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