Experience Virtual Reality (VR) Technology at Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Center in 05.08


In order to ensure greater productivity, smarter working conditions as well as to optimize processes according to the requirements of Industries 4.0, many factories and industrial complexes have intergrated advanced technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) to their operation. As a leading pioneer in Vietnam industrial real estate market, KTG Industrial has been applying VR Technology to their 4.0 Factories.

VR Factory – Virtual Factory Tours for tenants

VR Factory is an application developed by KTG Industrial applying VR technology brings the life-like factory spaces to all customers. Whether being in Vietnam or abroad, the tenants are sill able to visit and experience the virtual factory tours at anytime. This takes quite little time but due to the immersiveness, it can be extremely helpful.

As one of the first “new generation of industry 4.0 factories”, KTG Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Center (Dong Nai) was successfully applied VR Factory, allowing potential clients or tenants to go through a virtual tour exploring inside of Nhon Trach 3 ready-built factory, thereby saving clients both time and travel expenses. In addition to Image 4.0, KTG Industrial also aims to build a complete Ecosystem 4.0 for Utility 4.0; Service 4.0 and Management 4.0 to achieve the goal of optimal management, effective operation and environmental protection.

How VR Factory supports the International Businesses

Through the application of VR technology in VR Factory, KTG Industrial will bring many benefits to customers. Thanks to the breakthrough technology, operators and management can get immersive experiences quickly and comfortably from the comfort of their offices regardless of long distance. They will no longer need to travel to a property’s physical site in order to get a feel for the KTG’s factory. This means customers can check out details of the factory space at anytime by interacting directly on their mobile, laptop, PC instead of going to the site, reducing unnecessary expense for businesses.

Further, another huge advantage of using VR Factory is it allows KTG’s tenants to accurately visualize or understand a project, even when they have not set foot in there. Unlike 2D print visualization, virtual tours with VR Factory provide immersion and realistic presence feel. Busineses are easily capable of learning about the project’s master plan, factory information including office furniture, the area connections and other extra benefits, etc.

With the innovative VR technology, the KTG 4.0 factories are designed to become more and more convenient to serve all the transforming demands of business.


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