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KTG Industrial introduces "Industry 4.0 Factory"

KTG Industrial, a subsidiary of the KTG Group focusing on industrial development, has introduced “Industry 4.0 Factory” - the company’s strategic products in 2020.

“Industry 4.0 Factory” is a plan to integrate ready-built industrial properties with 4.0 technology in order to create a digital mix of manufacturing, business activities, and internal functions and processes. All of these factors will open up a new market and promote economic growth.

This is the second generation of its ready-built factory and is smarter, more innovative, and offers optimal solutions for the development vision of customers. It will also build Ecosystem 4.0 for “Image 4.0 - Utility 4.0 - Service 4.0 - Management 4.0”, to achieve the goal of Optimal Management - Effective Operations - Environmental Protection.

In addition to recognizing roles and responsibilities in the process of contributing to Vietnam’s economic development in this era of deeper and broader international economic integration and staying abreast of the opportunities from Industry 4.0, the core of its business and every change and development is “customer-oriented” in alignment with its slogan “Your Vision, Our Solution”.

KTG Industrial will bring many benefits to customers through “Industry 4.0 Factory”, such as an innovative new factory and warehouse design, saving costs and time surveying factories and warehouses through the application of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, increasing rental utilities such as parking lots, separate fencing, and LED lighting surrounding the area outside of the factory, better warehousing to improve management and safety for customers, comprehensive customer services such as free legal, human resources, and accounting packages, customer care systems through a mobile app reserved exclusively for customers of KTG Industrial with preferential policies and information, enhancing responsibility for protecting the environment and being environmentally-friendly, and sustainable development such as increasing green areas and rooftop solar systems for all KTG Industrial properties.

Mr. Duc Trong Dang, Deputy General Director of the KTG Group and CEO of KTG Industrial, told VET that KTG Industrial aims to apply technology in a closed process, so that all processes are integrated with technology. “We look forward to studying technology from advanced countries for application in Vietnam,” he added. “We believe that we can integrate the entire technology value chain into our warehouses this year.”

KTG Industrial’s main activities include leasing ready-built and built-to-suit factories and warehouses. Its industrial and logistics centers are located within the country’s key economic zones, with strong appeal for industrial investment from convenient connections to airports, seaports, and main consumer markets such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, and Bac Giang.

Source: Vietnam Economic Times

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