On June 25, 2019, at the office of KTG Tam Phuoc – Dong Nai Industrial Center, Khai Toan Joint Stock Company (KTG) held an opening ceremony and officially put into use the rooftop solar system deployed on plants and warehouses nationwide, which are constructed and leased by KTG. In this time, this KTG Industrial ‘s project is one of the largest rooftop solar systems in Vietnam.

Encountering the risk of electricity shortage in 2020 due to the sharp increase in electricity consumption of the country, the utilization of on-site energy sources with low investment and maintenance costs such as rooftop solar power systems is being considered as a good by taking advantage of on-site energy resource, reducing electricity cost and contributing considerably to environmental protection. As the result of the State’s policy in encouraging the development of electricity from renewable energy, many solar power projects have been deployed. In particular, rooftop solar power is a new and excellent solution that has high potential for development in the future.

Rooftop Solar System is invested by KTG, developed by Phoenix Clean Power (PCP) and installed by Tona Syntegra Solar (TSS) on KTG’s ready-built plants and warehouses in various industrial parks all over the country. The ceremony was attended by representatives of 3 abovementioned companies. From of KTG Group, there is the presence of Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan Khanh – Deputy Director; Mr. Dang Trong Duc – Deputy Director of KTG Industrial Mr. Duong Van Hoai – Project Development Manager of KTG Industrial.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan Khanh – Deputy General Director, on behalf of KTG, shared at the ceremony: “KTG Industrial is a piece – member  of  KTG Group, with the vision of being a leading property developer in Vietnam, providing ready – built factory / warehouse leasing service, suitable to Vietnam’s economic environment. We focus on investing in sustainable values by proactively anticipating world trends with renewable energy development policies, in particular rooftop solar power systems.”

In addition, Mr. Stefan Kratz – Representative of PCP thanked for the trust and cooperation between the parties while he appreciated the promotion of renewable energy investment, contributing to the sustainable development of KTG.

Regarding TSS – general contractor of project, Mr. Mathias Kothe said, “Thanks for the support of KTG and PCP, TSS can overcome the great challenges of scale and implementation schedule, make the difficult project to become a reality and achieve unexpected successful. TSS is honored to be part of the largest solar power project in the country, contributing to the construction of green industry environment and energy security in Vietnam” .

With modern technology and equipment, it is promising that the rooftop solar power system will operate at a high efficiency level. These panels will absorb the sun’s radiation and convert it into electricity that is fed into the national grid, saving costs and reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to the construction of a green – clean – beautiful industrial environment.

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement took place solemnly, warmly and sincerely with the high consensus of the three parties, creating trust and development potential of the next associated projects. This is an important milestone in the development and cooperation roadmap to create large projects with international quality.

Advantages of rooftop solar power:

– Save land area.

– Enhance heat-resistance efficiency for works.

– Distributed installation should be connected to the existing medium and low-voltage grid, without further investment in the transmission grid system.

With grid-connected solar power system, if the electricity generated is equal to the demand of the building, the building will receive electricity completely from this solar energy system. When the capacity from solar power is smaller than demand, the building will receive more electricity from the national grid. If the solar power capacity is greater than the demand, the excess electricity will be distributed to the national grid. In the event of a power grid failure, the grid-connected solar power system shall be automatically isolated to ensure the safety of the grid.

Vietnam is assessed to have great potential for solar power. In particular, the application of rooftop solar systems to produce electricity will help families and businesses significantly reduce electricity costs and pressure on electricity supply for the electricity industry, especially in the hot season.

Some image of the ceremony:



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