On June 19, 2020 in Hanoi, KTG Industrial – the industrial development segment of KTG Group participated in the annual Vietnam Industrial Real Estate Forum coordinated by CIEM (Ministry of Planning and Investment), Thuong Gia Magazine jointly organized with the Vietnam Real Estate Association – VNREA, the Central Institute for Economic Management Research on a nationwide scale, focusing on the most important and hottest issues of industrial real estate. The forum is exchanged in 5 languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese.

KTG Industrial participated in sponsoring and officially introduced the first design of “Technology Factory Generation 4.0”, the 2020 strategic product at the seminar. “Technology 4.0 Factory” is the 2nd generation of factory version, combining ready-built factories, warehouses and 4.0 technology with the desire to create a digital convergence between Industry, Business, functions and internal processes with the same goal of Optimal management – ​​Effective operation – Environmental protection – Sustainable development.

For the first time in the industrial real estate industry, a closed 4.0 ecosystem is built and gathered in the smart factory generation to serve the leasing and production process of businesses through “Image 4.0 – Convenience”. Benefits 4.0 – Service 4.0 – Management 4.0”, this is the difference that KTG Industrial brings to our customers in particular and the field of factory and ready-built warehouse rental in Vietnam in general. The 4.0 technology factory generation is also the first typical representative of “Green Factory”, the factory model that we aim for in the future when installing rooftop solar energy systems, raising the level of productivity. along with the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, a certification for environmentally friendly construction projects issued by the U.S. Green Building Council.This is the pioneering international standard in evaluating energy-saving buildings and protecting the human living environment, complying with energy saving standards and creating a green environment such as increasing drainage efficiency. water, reduce emissions, improve the quality of the living environment, increase the building’s adaptability to environmental changes and use renewable energy sources optimally.

What do KTG Industrial customers get from our smart factory generation?

Innovative Design (Smart design) A generation of smart factories with a completely new design, more groundbreaking improvements than the current version 1 factory generation.

VR Factory (Mobile Factory) applying Virtual Reality Technology VR (Virtual Reality) brings the KTG Industrial factory space to all customers. Whether in Vietnam or abroad, at any time customers can experience and feel the authenticity of the factory space by interacting directly on their phone, laptop, or PC instead of going to the factory. From there, helping customers save time and travel costs.

Extra Utilities (Increased rental amenities) parking lot, separate fence, LED lights surrounding the outside area to increase strictness in management and safety for tenants.

All in One Service (Comprehensive service package) Comprehensive customer service including free legal, human resources, and accounting service packages.

Customer Service App (Customer care application) Customer care through the mobile application (Mobile App) exclusively for KTG Industrial customers with preferential policies and information.

Green Growth Strategy (Green Development Campaign) Improve responsibility for environmental protection and sustainable development by increasing green areas, installing rooftop solar energy systems, and applying construction processes and operates to LEED standards.

KTG Industrial is the industrial development segment of KTG Group, a leading corporation in the fields of civil electricity, household appliances and real estate in Vietnam. KTG Industrial’s main business activities include: factory rental, ready-built warehouses and on-demand construction. KTG Industrial’s industrial and logistics centers are always located in key economic regions of the country, with high levels of industrial investment attraction, strategic development locations, and convenient traffic connections to airports. , seaports, and large consumer markets such as: Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An, Hanoi, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Bac Giang…

Mr. Dang Trong Duc – Deputy General Director of KTG also participated in the discussion session New Generation Industrial Park – An indispensable model for Vietnam’s Industrial Real Estate

– Generation of 4.0 technology factories

– Eco-industrial park

At the discussion session, Mr. Duc also made a comment from the perspective of an industrial real estate investor, “Investment in industrial parks depends on the size of the industrial park. For small businesses, sometimes they are not ready, because They do not have a full human resources apparatus. KTG stands in the middle to solve those difficulties. Regarding the time to complete the ready-built factory, when businesses contact KTG it usually takes 2 months, while larger businesses need about 2 months. The arrangement time can be 6 months. I fully support the idea of ​​eco-industrial parks. We also highly appreciate the ecological criteria There is a clear bond with businesses because when we meet the green finance issue, we will not increase prices without reason, so we will also promote more ecological industrial parks to attract more businesses. “

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